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  • Babongo Travel soap 3-in-1
    Babongo Travel soap 3-in-1

    This Travel soapbar is a perfect combination of a shampoo, soap and deodorant bar. And it smells deliciously!
    Shampoo bar: Wet the soapbar and rub it over your wet hair to make it foam. Massage and rinse.
    Bath soap and deodorant…

    € 8,75
  • Deodorant palmarosa by Lamazuna
    Deodorant palmarosa by Lamazuna

    Solid deodorant by Lamazuna. 100% natural, vegan and crueltyfree. Effective agains odours. It does not prevent sweating, but it neutralizes bacteria so odours do not have a chance.
    How-to-use: wet deodorant and spread on armpit.…

    € 11,50 € 9,00


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